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This Learning Life presents new thinking, provocations and a diversity of perspectives about the new era of learning through life, from writers and thinkers in Australia and around the world.

Each month we will invite you to explore ideas, insights and examples of change, courage and innovations in learning around Australia. We will also give you updates on Learning Creates activities and events.

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We are open to new proposals. We are particularly interested in exploring the five mindsets we believe Australia needs to create a new era of learning. From Beginners minds, maturing minds, working minds, wise minds through to growing minds – everyone needs to get involved. We need your mind on the case.
blue eggs in a nest

Hatch: Killing the CV to recognise more without bias creeping in

Learning Creates with Adam Jacobs
green string net overlapping itself

The intervention of intermediaries: Who are they and how are they working?

Kath McCann, Dave Burton and Annette Cairnduff
rainbow kite flying against blue sky

Structured and unstructured: Learning in the flow of work

Dave Burton, Kath McCann, Jacyl Shaw & Lorraine Ngwenya
young person sits with laptop against window

From Pandemic interruptions to new digital excursions

Sulia, Dave Burton & Jacyl Shaw
leaves of a plant with sun shining through

What’s missing, who is missing out and what can we make more visible?

Sek-loong Tan, Sulia, Jacyl Shaw and Andrea De Almeida
StartMate: Failing is success in the startup sector

StartMate: Failing is success in the startup sector

Learning Creates with Cameron Ensor

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