A First Nations self-determined approach

Learning Creates Australia has demonstrated a commitment to First Nations self-determination through the leadership of the organisation, the practice of The Learner’s Journey Social Lab in Phase 1, and creating space for First Nations representation and contribution during sector convenings. 

Self-determination has been described by the Australian Human Rights Commission as an ‘ongoing process of choice’ to ensure that Indigenous communities are able to meet their social, cultural and economic needs.

Learning Creates commitment to First Nations self-determination is grounded in a sense of Place. We operate across the lands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, and acknowledge that sovereignty has never been ceded. 

We recognise that inequity within the current education system has especially disadvantaged First Nations young people. This extends beyond accessibility to education due to geography or physical space, but permeates social, economic and cultural determinants that contribute to culturally safe, available and appropriate learning environments.


Our strategic objectives

Vision for the work is for First Nations young people, families and communities are self-determined and a part of an equitable learning ecosystem that values, respects and trusts their unique learning aspirations and how to recognise them. 

With this understanding, Learning Creates in the next three years will continue to work with First Nations people and communities to achieve the following strategic objectives:

  1. Scaling the First Nations Charter deeper in community and wider into new locations. This will include bespoke measurement and evaluation of its effectiveness.
  2. Building meaningful, reciprocal partnerships with First Nations that add value to their ambitions. This will include new and targeted research on the alignment between what we currently measure in learning and Indigenous Education Goals.
  3. Providing a culturally safe and responsive working environment for leadership, staff, volunteers and the communities we work with. This includes representation across all levels of the organisation, leadership and across partner organisations.

“We are not only accountable to ourselves, but to our families and to the communities where we work and live. It’s our responsibility to be uncompromising on designing and practising in ways that align with our values. It takes trust.”

Hayley McQuire


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