Our ambition


Equitable transformation in education

Our mission is to catalyse equitable transformation in education so that it better meets the 21C needs and values of our young people, communities and nation.

Collaboration is a critical factor in our model for change. Our work is activated through a diverse and growing alliance who are committed to driving change in their spheres of influence, experience and expertise. They include a strong network of schools, universities, young people, educators, policy makers and First Nations communities as well as a number of supporters and well-connected and influential sponsors.


Our focus to 2030

We are focussed on driving change by improving how we value, and formally and fairly recognise, young people's learning in a strengths-based way, so they can be better matched to and access positive post-school pathways.

Achieving this would mean:

  • Young people can access multiple pathways to meaningful and ongoing employment.
  • Young people feel confident and aware of their strengths and capabilities and can identify what contributions they can make to the workforce and society.
  • Young people currently disadvantaged by the dominance of academic recognition systems (e.g the ATAR) can demonstrate their capabilities to employers and other stakeholders, and open up new employment and tertiary education opportunities.
  • Employers employ more young people from disadvantaged circumstances.

‘If you sat down and gathered moments in your life and looked at them in this way, then you could see the true value of these experiences.’ - year 11 student

‘We all live in different situations and have different communities and when I think about learning being more adaptive to different lived experiences it becomes more empowering.’ - Sulia, year 10 student


Systemic change is hard, a new approach is needed


Learning Creates Australia
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