Framing success for all

A proposal about regulatory arrangements for certification in Australian senior secondary schooling

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Why change the ATAR?

The link between equity and recognition of learning

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A First Nations self-determined approach

An approach that values, respects and trusts Indigenous learning aspirations and recognition

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We think all young people should finish school with what they need to keep learning, working and exploring their future.


Our mission is to catalyse equitable transformation in education so that it better meets the 21C needs and values of our young people, communities and nation.

Collaboration is a critical factor in our model for change. Our work is activated through a diverse and growing alliance who are committed to driving change in their spheres of influence, experience and expertise. They include a strong network of schools, universities, young people, educators, policy makers and First Nations communities as well as a number of supporters and well-connected and influential sponsors.

We see a future where young people are:

  • Thriving individuals - with agency, wellbeing and a strong sense of self and identity
  • Thriving learners and workers - in further education and employment
  • Thriving citizens - active in their communities and society
Why change the ATAR?

Why change the ATAR?

The link - equity and recognition

Our first two years of work

Our first two years of work

The Learner's Journey Social Lab

New evidence and insights

New evidence and insights

Our report series on learning success