A collaborative action-research study

In the 21st Century, it is possible to recognise achievement in far more sophisticated ways than exams, tests and scores alone. The Power of Recognising More, a collaborative action-research study focused on building a robust evidence base on the impact and value of broader recognition of learning.

Join other early-mover schools, academics, employers, universities, admissions centres and jurisdictions who are working to transform learning and practices beyond academic measures, to recognise more of young people's diverse skills, capabilities and attributes.

Together, we will:

  • Collect information, data and insights
  • Examine emerging issues and assumptions to understand the impact and effects of new approaches
  • Generate practical outputs that can accelerate broader uptake and influence policy
  • Amplify the benefits of broader learning recognition in our spheres of influence.

The study is supported by Learning Creates and Nous Group.

The study is exploring three fields of inquiry


Impact for young people

What impact does broader recognition of learning have on the educational experience of young people, and their pathways to further learning and work?


School and community arrangements

What arrangements need to be in place to enable equitable broader learning recognition approaches?

System barriers and enablers

What conditions in the learning system are enabling (or preventing) broader learning recognition?

Read the Cycle 1 Report

Learning Beyond Limits: Insights and learnings from visionary schools and communities working toward a fit-for-purpose learning system

The report highlights a growing number of schools and educational institutions across Australia that are recognising a broader set of skills within young people.

Through the growing evdience base we hope to amplify the voice of promising practices on the ground, and to push for systemic change that is needed to recognise more for every student.

Why get involved?

You have the opportunity to contribute insights, information and data about what you are doing - we are looking for examples of places where communities are working to transform learning and practices to recognise more of young people's diverse skills, capabilities and attributes. 

There are multiple ways to get involved and even if you’re only at the early stages of this work - we’d love to hear from you - so we can paint a national picture that speaks to the promise and potential of this work. 

Your contribution will enable:

  • Your work to be reflected and the opportunity to feedback on learnings as they emerge.
  • The development of learning reports that reflect what you and your community are looking to understand.
  • A national evidence-base that reflects a diversity of experiences and communities.
  • The co-creation of artefacts to support innovative practice.
  • Connection to a community of other early-mover schools, communities, universities, organisations and practitioners.
  • Evidence to support the work that you are doing.
Action-Research Plan

Action-Research Plan

Understand the background and rationale, method and questions for the study.

Sharing Agreement

Sharing Agreement

Understand how we are collecting and managing information, insights and data.

Contribution examples

Contribution examples

Not sure what you have to contribute? Have a look at some of these examples


Want to collect and share some new information?

We have built some simple tools you can use in your school or community to gather information about the impact of activities you are undertaking to broaden how learning is recognised, including:

Student survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/7MBDQ62
Teacher survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MMR5J55

You can share these within your network directly, use some of the questions to incorporate in your existing evaluations or alternatively, reach out to work with us to create or adapt things to work in your context.


The work will take place across 3 years and 5 cycles of work

The study has been commissioned by Learning Creates Australia and is supported by research partner, Nous Group. The initial phase of work will take place between September 2023 and December 2025.

Each cycle will have a distinct focus and build on what we learnt from the previous cycle. The first weeks of each cycle are a collection window, where we will be doing a call out for submissions. At the end of each cycle, we will be sharing a learning report of the insights and learnings emerging, any artefacts that have been developed and what we will focus on in the next cycle.

Cycle 1

11 Sept - 27 Nov 2023

Cycle 2

4 Mar - 13 May 2024

Cycle 3

5 Aug - 14 Oct 2024

Cycle 4

3 Mar - 12 May 2025

Cycle 5

28 July - 06 Oct 2025


1 Sept - 17 Nov 2025


If you have any questions or would like to discuss the study - please get in touch

Learning Creates Australia
Level 1, 136 Exhibition Street, Melbourne VIC 3000